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The KÉK has been engaged in the naturalization and distribution of community gardens in Hungary since 2010 and it has facilitated the initiative to become a self-organizing movement by creating sample gardens. Our foundation has taken part in the creation of several community and school gardens in the capital and in the country, and currently it is running five community gardens.
Utilizing the experience of past years, the long-term goal of the Programme, regarding society and a liveable city, is to introduce and implement different equipments and methods. It is important for urban people to learn to adapt to climate change, so we are looking for city development equipment and methods that apply renewable energy, and we provide space for innovative and experimental models. Through our gardens and public informative programmes, we make concepts like "urban heat islands" and "decrease of biological footprint" more comprehensible for everyone, which is important from the viewpoint of city life. We would like to share with city residents the knowledge, with the help of which, as conscious city users, they could contribute to the reduction of the harmful effects of climate change, either individually or as part of their local community. Among the programmes for the wider public there are community and professional events, debate forums, lectures and interactive programmes for children.
We believe that the good example of an individual is followable, we contribute to the improvement of the microclimate of our residential area and our city by distributing an environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

Support us!

Let there be as many gardens as possible, run by cohesive communities, across the city!

We help everyone by distributing our know-how and experience, by gardening-related and legal counsels, building an online knowledge base, offering our communication channels, and opportunities for introduction on our programmes. We regularly organize colourful events for the public.

In return for and proportional to your offers, in accordance with a unique agreement, we lend you our communication channels (homepage, newsletters, media: online/offline press, radio, TV, social sites) and provide you with other opportunities of a specific garden and related programmes.

We welcome you as a professional trainee or volunteer, so, standing by a valuable cause, you can show what you can really do, how you can forward our initiative! Are you a good organizer, love making videos, taking pictures, or your live for writing and the media? Whatever knowledge you offer to support us, we are very happy with it, and we thank you!

The KÉK, Contemporary Architecture Centre, operates as a public interest foundation, and we issue a Supporter Certificate for your business about the financial aid supporting our Community Gardens project, with which you may receive tax relief.

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Hungarian Contemporary Architecure Centre
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